DailyPopUp - J 1.5/2.5

dailypopupDaily Pop Up is a free module for :
Joomla joomla15 1.5, joomla17 1.7, joomla25 2.5 et joomla3 3

You need install jQuery framework plugin for Joomla 2.5

Find a jQuery plugin for Joomla 2.5

Description :

Daily Pop Up is a fullscreen popup using only jQuery framework aims to display a page in full screen POP UP superset of the original page (no iframe, only css). Daily Pop Up appears 1 time per day and uses your IP address as a reference. Daily Pop Up is designed to comply with   W3C standards. Time before closing the fullscreen Daily PopUp is limited to 10 seconds.


capture-util-dailypop2Use :

  • Choose style : 7 Choice of background color possible: White, Black, Red, Green, Yellow, Red and Transparent. Note that the texts are automatically white except for styles White, yellow and transparent.
  • Select an article : You get the possibility to choose an article.
  • Choice of the width of the Block: You can adjust the width of the text area in existing template.
  • Choice of text on the close button: You can at all times change the text on the close button.

forkTry Daily PopUP  -->

Changelog :

version 1.1- 2/10/2012
-- Correct - Bug on close button with Firefox.
-- Add -- caracters with special characters support.
-- Add -- Joomla 1.5 - 1.6 - 1.7 and 3 support

version 1.2- 8/10/2012
-- Add -- Debug Mode for testing
-- Deleted -- Base64_encode Function

v1.3 --- 12/10/2012
 -- Correct --Css BUG in Internet Explorer 7 et 8
 -- Add -- Choose an article in the module
 -- Deleted -- Editor in DailypopUp Parameters

v1.4 --- 11/01/2013
 -- Correct -- BUG on Yellow, Blue, red, white CSS button to close
 -- Add -- Can modify second to close PopUp
 -- Add -- Can have one different jQ DailyPopUp per page
 -- Add -- Can choose days delay. example : can show Popup all 15 days for one IP

v1.5 --- 22/01/2013
 -- Correct -- BUG Error message "Fopen() ..."
 -- Add -- Animations

A translation file in Spanish by Luis Mendez Alejo is available on Webempresa.com

Download jQuery DailyPopUp Module
Joomla joomla15 1.5
Joomla joomla25 2.5 et joomla3 3

The Daily PopUp module is under Licence GPL 3.

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